Privacy Policy

Who we are ?

We provide live stream services for all types of sports. From here you can enjoy the live game of any team of your choice. There are also other services such as sporting goods. Collection of tickets for the game, etc. We market these services worldwide.


What personal data we collect and why we collect it ?

We collect personal information from the user, there are several reasons, such as the user’s personal information can be notified later. On the other hand, a particular problem can be traced to the user. Moreover, in order to be a member of an organization, it is very important to preserve some of its personal information according to membership rules.

How do we provide IP TV services?

In order to provide IPTV services, we convert satellite TV channels to RTMP servers and live stream them online. In this case we strive to provide maximum service. We use high-capacity servers, for which the quality of the service is much better.


How we use cookies ?

When a visitor comments on their name and email address. Later, the visitor will not have to provide this information again. Because, it will preserve the cookie service. It will last for up to 1 year. Moreover, when a member logs into his / her profile lock. There will be no need to login again until the next two weeks. Because it will preserve it.



Embedded content from other websites

We conduct business in partnership with various organizations. So those organizations need to use various important contacts on our website. Therefore, we use their various essential ingredients Such as a video clip, audio clip and any service. This is what we use from their website to our website. However, it is permitted from them.